I see the same blue eyes you see, But I don’t see in them, The same desire. I see crow’s feet, And dry skin, I see old freckles that never quite faded. Advertisements


I owned an orange dinosaur. An apatosaur. With black eyes, And a small smile. His neck was bent, From too many hugs. A 90 degree angle created by love, Fear, insecurity, and the knowledge At 7 years old, That all is not well with the world. The world is full of bad people, Death is […]


My nipples hurt, The first time I went in the ocean. The second time, I got burned. Second degree, Very serious, But the nurses laughed at me. The third time I escaped, Unscathed, But my wife got bit by a crab. Why do I keep going back to the ocean?

I Feel Resentful

I am overweight. I have been for as long as I can remember. And everything I eat, everything I drink, everything I do, I am acutely aware of everyone’s eyes on me. But it’s not real, is it? It’s all in my head.. I feel resentful of the thin people, because I feel like they […]

Flash Fiction 001: Untitled

I know the birthday kid is a little girl. I heard her name: Hannah. I haven’t seen her yet, I’m buried too deep in the bag. But now, the bag is open! My brothers and sisters that go before me, I wish them luck. They are going on to great and wonderful things.  And now…now […]

The Year in Haiku

Golden hair man child Brain doctor won’t open his eyes Tea Party buffoon We stand with Paris But forsake the Middle East White Christians matter Police go too far Protesters take it further No one wins this fight Sheldon Silver caught Dean and Adam Skelos too Cuomo far behind? Boston has closure Tsarnaeve sentenced to […]