Moving on…

Falling Short of the Absolute Truth is dead, but don’t despair.

I have not given up on writing. I never will. I haven’t even given up on those characters; so if you loved them as much as I do, know that they’ll be back. The main reason I stopped Falling Short of the Absolute Truth is to focus on my two jobs, my family, and most importantly: my novel(s).

There’s an old saying (that’s not actually all that old) that goes a little something like this: “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.”

I am good at writing. I say this without any ego or boastfulness. It’s not pride, it just is. I have a talent, and I want to share that talent with the world, and dammit, I think I should get paid for it. So that’s what I’m going to do. But I still feel the need to connect with the public and my readers on a more regular basis; with that in mind, I’ve started this blog.

To start with, there will be no real organization to this blog. Posts will come intermittenly, and without any real connection between them. Think of it as a place for me to share whatever thoughts I happen to be thinking when I sit at the computer to write. I hope you’ll all stick with me for this, as I’m really looking forward to sharing my thoughts and feelings with the whole damn world. It’s a much more personal experience than Falling Short of the Absolute Truth ever could have been, and I relish the opportunity to enlighten, teach, and most likely, to embarrass myself. (For instance, I just had to spell check embarrass)

Here are some things you have to look forward to, should you decide to join me in this adventure: rants, raves, reviews (I’m looking at you, Grandstand Productions), dreams, letters-to-the-editors, and all out randomness. I look forward to entertaining you all, and keeping you updated on the progress of my various other writing projects.

M.R. Scully


One thought on “Moving on…

  1. I want a first edition, autographed copy of the “Falling Short” collection! Also, I’m in a book club so when they come out we will read them! Btw, I always embarrass myself and I had a stroke when I was 26 so if my grammar isn’t correct or I have punctuation mistakes I just say SUCK IT! 😉 I love reading your work! I’m so happy we’ve met.

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