Magna Carta II

This is way overdue. No one ever told me being a responsible adult would take up so much of my time. Oh well, here is my Magna Carta, part deux. It is essentially a list of things I despise in the books I read, movies I watch.


Happy Endings-Now, misunderstand me not. I’m not saying I want the antagonist to come out on top; I’m just saying I don’t want to read about everything being wrapped up in a neat little package. With a pretty bow on top. And a card that reads “To: Sucker From: The Author.” It’s just not interesting.

Asshole Protagonists-I can get behind a curmudgeon. I relate to them. I can root for a grump. I am one myself. I cannot, however, get behind a character who is selfish, careless, and thoughtless, and all for no discernible moral reason. A great example is Aron Ralston’s account of his time trapped beneath a boulder. You may have seen the film of the book of the thing that happened, 127 Hours. The “hero” is anything but. I don’t want to sound too harsh, so I will say I’m sorry he lost his arm, but if you read the book more-so than the movie you see that he kind of had it coming.

Too Many Sequels-Dan Brown, I’m looking at you. Following the success of the historically inaccurate, but flawlessly written Angels & Demons with not 1, but 2 pointless, and anemic sequels drained all the life out of the hero, Robert Langdon. And it happens all the time, more so in movies (Land Before Time 25, Jurassic Park 4, Batman & Robin, American Psycho 2!!??), but the pursuit of money over artistic quality has been known to happen in the literary world as well.

Too Much Description-Setting the scene is oh so important. That doesn’t mean I need to read six pages describing a character’s home, or the woods beyond.


This should give you an idea of what I mean, I apologize again to my readers that it took me over a week to get this up. I’ll add that to the list:

Missing Self-Imposed Dead Lines


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