A New (Old) Idea

I can’t just always write about myself. It will get boring. Besides, I’ve only lived 29 years, 1 month so far. There is not enough material there to keep you all entertained. So I’m going to throw into the mix something I’ve been thinking of doing for quite some time, and which I attempted earlier last year to no success; it’s called Too Little, Too Late Movie Reviews in which I will review movies that are far beyond their theatrical release (some as much as 70 years past their prime!), for your entertainment. I may even branch out and try album reviews as well.  To me there is a great opportunity for comedy in someone who is a novice (or completely un-knowledgable at all) diving in and criticizing works of the artists who came before him.

I look forward to writing these reviews almost as much as I look forward to hearing from you all on your thoughts!

M.R. Scully


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