News From the Front

This is my blog, and I can do with it whatever I please. So today, instead of making you chuckle, I’m going to catch you up on what I’m doing.

I’m writing a novel.

No, it can’t be that simple. So many people say that and never, ever follow through. I will follow through, this I promise. I can’t give you any details about the book, that’s bad ju-ju, but I can tell you that I am sure it will be a hit. I understand that this is not a simple undertaking, it’s an epic quest. I am Frodo Baggins, be my Sam Gamgee. I want to keep you all up to date on my progress (while giving away as little information as possible), and I hope you’ll all join me.

Here’s the plan: I want to complete a manuscript by May, by this I mean a 1st draft. Then I want to edit the ever-loving shit out of it. For this I will need help, and I already have a pair of gentlemen in mind for that job. Hopefully I can get that beast edited quickly, and rewritten even quicker. The reason for the speed is there is a publishing contest in January on which I intend to win. When I do they’ll publish my book and give me some sum of money, but the part that matters is I’ll be published. If, by some strange twist of fate, I don’t win the contest; I’ll self-publish the book on Amazon anyway. They key is getting published, and here’s why: I can get the attention of publishers.

As it turns out, my beautiful fiance’s best friend’s mother is a publisher, something she never realized for 20+ years of their friendship. But that’s neither here, nor there. She knows, and I know, and said friend’s mom knows about me. Not only does she know about me, but she’s willing to point me in the right direction and maybe even make a phone call or two. How fucking lucky can a guy get? But I can’t go there empty-handed, I’d like to have something to show when I start begging to be published. So either Amazon will publish me, or I’ll publish myself.

Of course, I can’t rely on one tactic to attain ultimate victory. I’m also working on several short stories, working harder than I did on Falling Short of the Absolute Truth, and I will be fighting to get them published as well. The point is, by the dawn of February 2014 I will be a published author. And by February 2015 I will be a best-selling author, bet on it.

So, what do you say? Will you join me on this epic quest for literary immortality? Will I be thanking you in the opening pages of my first published work? I certainly hope so.


M.R. Scully


6 thoughts on “News From the Front

  1. Take it from a guy who never follows through, I wish you the best! I send all of the little self discipline I have to you!

    1. Thanks, brother! And don’t dare discount yourself. You are doing the podcast, aren’t you? It’s a success, isn’t it? Don’t ever put yourself down, there will be plenty of others waiting for that job.

      1. Thanks for the vote of confidence! The podcast is going swimmingly (despite some technical difficulties) and I think I have finally committed to a long term project!

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