The Results Are In…

I have gathered up all responses to my distress call, and I’ve poured over them. I’ve studied them under a burning hot light while denying myself a glass of water, and kicking the chair out from under myself. After all this, I’ve chosen the best answer to my query. As a reminder, to the few of you who didn’t submit an idea (and there were 1 or 2 of you who didn’t), I was looking for someone to help me rename the blog. I find the name “The Message” to be too serious for such a lighthearted, sarcastic blog. And the winner is…(at this point you should have your iTunes cued up to a drum-roll track)

CHRISTOPHER O’CONNELL, creator of his own blog over at Grandstand Productions and producer/co-star of his own podcast: The Real Mallrats, available on iTunes.

So look for my blogs new title and maybe a little something else come Monday. Have a great weekend, everyone, and I promise this past week of media silence was a fluke! I’m going to be here for you, Monday-Friday, putting a smile on your faces from now until Sol engulfs our atmosphere. Alright, I mean it, that’s enough. Have a great weekend.

(What do you mean you don’t have a drum-roll track on your iTunes?!)



M.R. Scully


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