A Conversation With Ellen Page

Ms. Ellen Page and I sat down in the Lewis A. Swyer Theater at The Egg to talk about what it’s like to be a superhero and a young-girl’s role model at the same time.

Matthew Scully: Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, I know you’re very busy.

Ellen Page: No, these little press things are part of the contract.

MS: So you’re gearing up to play Kitty Pryde for a second time in Bryan Singer’s Days of Future Past, how does that feel?

EP: It’s very exciting. She’s a powerful character, and not because she has super-strength or laser-beam eyes, but just because she’s a strong-willed, capable woman. I dig that.

MS: (sighing) Yeah.

EP: I’m sorry?

MS: What could you possibly have to be sorry for? You’re amazing.

EP: Oh. Thanks?

MS: Do you think we could hold hands?

EP: Yeah, I don’t think that would be the best idea. Did you want to talk some more about the X-Men movie?

MS: Sure, whatever you want, Ellie.

EP: Um, my name is Ellen, actually.

MS: I know, that’s just a cute little pet name I came up for you. Do you like it?

EP: Not particularly. Is my agent around?

MS: I sent him for coffee.

EP: You know he’s not my assistant, right?

MS: I sent him for coffee, too. Now we have some time to ourselves. You’re very beautiful.

EP: Fun fact: I carry a stun gun with me…everywhere.

MS: (straightening up) So, did you familiarize yourself with the comics at all?

EP: Good boy. Yes, I devoured the comics.

MS: So you’re familiar with how big a role Kitty Pryde has in the whole thing? Do you have a similarly large role in the film?

EP: Well, I obviously can’t give away too much. I can say that it is a big Hollywood production, so the producers are going to push for more screen time for the big names like Hugh Jackman. But I like to think I can outsell Jackman.

MS: I’ll say. I’d see ten of your movies to one of his.

EP: (she pulls out her stun gun and waves it around) You’re not going to get creepy on me again, are you?

MS: No, I won’t get creepy on you.

EP: Good. Why don’t you ask me about the stunts.

MS: What about the stunts?

EP: That’s not how you ask a question.

MS: Sorry. A comic book movie like this, it’s much more physical than roles you’ve done in the past. How did you prepare for it?

EP: I found a stunt performer that matched my height!

(at this point she breaks out into laughter)

EP: C’mon, I worked on that joke!

MS: Well, it was very cute.

EP: Cute my ass, that was gold.

MS: Yes, you’re right. I must just be having an off day. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

EP: That’s ok. Is this interview over, yet?

MS: Yeah, I guess. You wanna go get some coffee or something?

EP: What do you think?

MS: I think you like your coffee black.

EP: True, but not with you.

MS: Oh.

EP: Yeah.

MS: I get it, it’s kind of late for coffee. There’s a great bar, not far from here. They’ve got this shot with pickle brine and Jameson’s, you’ll love it.

EP: Again, no.

MS: Right, I’m so stupid. Sorry. You must be hungry. Wanna catch a bite?

EP: (once again brandishes the stun gun, turns it on, jabs at my thigh) Did you catch that hint?

MS: (through clenched teeth) OK, maybe another time! I get it, you’re busy!

EP: OK, I’m done. (she rises from her seat and begins to walk away)

MS: So long, Ellie. Your agent gave me your cell number, so I’ll call you some time!

EP: (screams and slams door behind her as she leaves)

MS: (to self) That was awesome.


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