A Brand New Week

Here we are, at the close of another Monday. Last week was a crazy one. I made promises I was, unfortunately, unable to keep. Blame “Nemo.”

The pressure of the storm meant I got called into work at the last-minute for double my expected shift, I wasn’t able to get to my second expected interview this past week. Rest assured, I have not forgotten about it. I will have it up this week. For being patient, I will let you know that it will be with the brilliant Alex Trebek and that it does NOT end with him tazering me.

I’ll also have another Too Little, Too Late Movie Review for this week, this time around I’ll be taking a look at David Fincher’s Fight Club. I hope you’ll have the patience to stick around for these, they’re my babies. I know they’re not the greatest, but I have a lot of faith in them. I’ve never done anything like them before, and I’m learning as I go, so if you have any constructive criticism, please let me know.

The last few Mondays I’ve slipped some more personal stuff into the blog, and I see no reason why I shouldn’t continue to do so. I’ve put myself on a strict diet/exercise regiment; the reason being that I am a fat lard and I want to live past 40. Two weeks ago on Monday I weighed myself and I was a frightening 280 lbs! Last week I completely forgot to (or was too scared to) weigh myself, but this week I dropped all the way down to 278 lbs. Scoff if you like, a loss is a loss and I’ll take it. I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on my life and death struggle to take off the El-Bees.

In happier news The Walking Dead returned to television last night! I’m just not sure how I feel about it. The Governor is boiling over into a conflict with Rick, sure, and that fucker is going to get his comeuppance for sure. But Rick is losing his shit in a bad way and I worry for him and Lil’ Asskicker. I think Carl will be fine no matter what, that kid’s got grit. Daryl, on the other hand, I worry about. Merle is going to be the end of his baby brother. I just know it, and it makes me weep. I hope Merle meets his end at the point of one of Daryl’s arrows.

Well, shit, that’s about all I have for you kids on this wet, melty, Monday. I hope you survived “Nemo,” I need the readers.



M.R. Scully


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