Kickstart A Kickstarter

Today I’d like to take a moment to talk about some writers I know.

Let me clarify, I know one of the writers, I follow another on Twitter and read his blog. The  3rd and 4th are a complete mystery to me. Don’t get me off point, please. This can be painless, or it can go on all day.

So these 4 writers: Joe PezzulaJames NinnessMarcel Losada, and Michael Drace Fountain; they have written what promises to be the next great thing in horror. It’s an anthology series called In Sanity, AZ. I’m not going to tell you about it, though.

I’m going to let you go their Kickstarter page where they have a fun video to explain it all to you in a way I never could. I would never be able to match the passion of an artist talking about their own work.

Go here. You can watch their video, and you can pledge some money to their cause. It can be anything, even a dollar!

“But Matthew,” you say, “I can’t afford to give any money!” I understand, times are tough. Chances are, you know someone who can. So give what you can, then share this site with your friends.

Tell all your friends about it. Tell your parents they just HAVE to help these brilliant writers get their work out into the world! What about your senile aunt, you know the one. Anyway, you know the drill, give what you can, but most importantly, spread the word. You can’t tell enough people about this awesome project!





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