Hump Day Hump

I’ve got absolutely nothing for you today, folks. It’s just a crazy ass week. The little one (who’s not so little anymore at 6) is on vacation, so my day is spent chasing him around and then getting ready for work. Tomorrow I will have the Too Little, Too Late Movie Review of Inception for you. That I promise.

Then, on Friday, in a continuation of the brand new tradition, I’ll be posting my Oscar picks. I did pretty well with the Grammys, I correctly called almost half of them, not bad for a guy who never listens to the radio. So we’ll see how I do; I did not get to the movies much last year, something I hope to change this year. Really though, I think The English Patient is going to sweep it all.

It being Wednesday and all, I think you should go out there, find a stranger’s leg, and just go to town!





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