The Year That Was…

2013 is dead, long live 2014!

Not that I have anything against ’13. These last 12 months have actually been pretty good to me.

It was the year I became a real adult (chronologically and mentally). I set my mind to taking my job seriously, and was shortly there-after promoted to a management position. I was nervous, at first, about heading to a new store after 10 years at Wolf Road; but after only 7 months I feel more welcome, and liked than I have ever felt at a job.

Annie and I(if you don’t know who Annie is, boy are you missing out) bought a house this past year, as well. It’s an old house, with great bones, but it is serious need of TLC. Thankfully, the city of Albany has been very helpful with this task. We look forward to moving in soon.

The greatest thing to happen this year, and my whole life to this point, was when Annie and I stood before Moses in Washington Park and vowed to spend the rest of our lives together. There are few things more thrilling than the first time I was able to call her my wife.

I say few things, because something happened late December that I’ve been waiting almost 6 years for: after telling Jude he could not get his way with something, he retorted, “You’re not my father!” Pure bliss. I eagerly await the new year’s new surprises, and all it can throw at me.

Happy New Year, everyone.



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