The Madison

The (potentially) great city of Albany is finally getting a great, second-run theater. I am truly excited.

The Madison Theater, a fixture in our ‘burg for many, many decades, is undergoing a transformation (again). On January 17, it will reopen its doors with a weekend long tribute to Paul Newman, because, why not? Some of you may be too young to remember the Northway Mall Cinema 10, which is fine by me. Those of you who do remember it, don’t bother trying to tell me it was anything like what we’re about to have.

A cineplex is marvelous, sure. I enjoy the big, bombastic, blockbusters as much as the next guy, but I am looking forward to having a reason to treat the movies like, well, a treat. I want to get dressed up to go to the movies; and no, dressing up as Darth Maul for the Star Wars Episode 1 does not count. I want to get there and know there is only one screen, upon which a piece of Hollywood history is going to be projected.

So join me, fellow Albany-ans, in celebrating the latest bit of culture to grace our fair city. It may seem small, but it’s just another sign of the greatness our city is striving for once more.





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