Too Little, Too Late Top 5: Movies About Being a Teenager

We’ve all been teenagers (or are currently, and if neither of these apply, ignore the bad language), we’ve all suffered through acne, and growing pains, and hopeless crushes. It is not something any of us want to relive, except on the silver screen. These are my top 5 favorite films that capture what it’s like to be a teenager.

5.  Clueless

         Granted, I’ve never been a spoiled, rich girl. Or a girl at all, for that matter. But I was a teenager, I did think I had all the answers.            Plus I too once had a huge crush on Paul Rudd (but who didn’t).

4. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

        I was introduced to the book by my now wife, Annie. When I heard they were adapting it for the big screen, I was nervous. Then I was pleasantly surprised. The movie is every bit as embarrassing-for-all-the-right-reasons as the book.

3. Star Wars

      Is there no greater wish of any teenager, than to leave home and defy their parents? Luke Skywalker is the ultimate teenager wish fulfillment.

2. Mean Girls

       Now, I was never as hot as The Plastics, and I never wore skirts that short, but I knew people in high school who just as mean spirited and self-centered. I think we all did.

1. It’s Kind of a Funny Story

      Like Perks, but without the downer ending. Funny, sweet, and honest, this should be on everyone’s “must watch” lists. Or something.


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