Naked Killer

You’re drawn in by her smile,

Or so you tell yourself.

Truth be told;

It’s her cleavage,



With a healthy bounce to them that beckons you, “come and play with us.”


And so you do,

Clumsily pawing,

Pinching, pulling, licking, biting,

Failing at every step to achieve your desired goal.

The back-arching orgasm.


She, however,

Is a master.

She tugs,

She tickles,

She scratches (but not too hard),

And she drives you inexorably toward the point-of-no-return.



It escapes your lips even as your seed passes hers.

You are no longer in control (were you ever?).

Your fate is in her deft hands,

And she works it,

In much the same way as she works your semi-hard cock.


Your work is done,

Well, not done, so much as unfinished.

She is unsatisfied in a way you’ll never understand,

But that will soon change.


Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated,

Every little bit helps, you see.

Ah, yes, just a pint this time.

Something to hold her over.

Just a little pinch,

A small mark to awkwardly explain to your wife,

And then your business is complete.




One thought on “Naked Killer

  1. Hey! I follow you on Instagram. You have some interesting work!
    My Anthology will be available tomorrow on… Check it out if you get a chance!

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