Start on the first line,
Which makes sense,
Of course.

Last name first,
Middle initial,
First name last.

Date of birth,
Social security number,
You know the drill.

It’s the first step,
Of many.

Next, if memory serves,
Is the waiting,
For the call.

Which comes,
And you’re excited,
And you show up on time,
Early even.

Today it’s fingerprinting,
An interview with a sheriff,
A retinal scan if you’re lucky.

All these hoops,
Jumping loops,
And paper work,
Paper work,
Redo the paper work when they lose it.

So now, finally,
The job is yours.

Now there is the simple matter,
In theory,
Of a trip to Dallas, Texas.

Two weeks of training,
Sitting nights in a strange hotel.
But no,
Now you’re going to,
Beautiful Cleveland, Ohio.
Or your not?

There will be a few weeks of confusion.
Waiting, again,
For a call.

Never mind.
They’ve gone out of business.


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