Coming Down The Pipeline

Just a tasting. A preview, if you will, of some of the stories to come. They will all be autobiographical, and they will most definitely not be flattering to me.

There will be tales of romance, including the time I started dating my best friend’s ex-fiance mere weeks after they broke up.

There will be stories filled with hope, and caring. I’m thinking of three young men, 2 of whom I didn’t even know, who took me in during a time of need.

You will learn about what an incredibly large asshole I can be, and how unimaginably lucky I have been to have the friends I do.

I would be foolish not to talk about the woman who made me realize that I did, indeed, want to be a grown-up; and who helped me achieve that goal. As a thank you, I married her.

Find out why my baby brother and I no longer speak, and why it’s 100% his call as to when we can recommence communications.

And find out what made me the man I am today (besides crippling hubris).



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