Coming Down The Pipeline

Just a tasting. A preview, if you will, of some of the stories to come. They will all be autobiographical, and they will most definitely not be flattering to me. There will be tales of romance, including the time I started dating my best friend’s ex-fiance mere weeks after they broke up. There will be […]

Selfie: A Short Halloween Tale

The selfie-stick had been a good investment, in Natalie’s opinion. Not that she understood much about investments. Nor how to turn a profit. Regardless, she loved it. Wether it be to show off her OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) or take group selfies (itself an irony that was beyond her reach) or just to make […]

The Indecisive Alfred Highland

Three books at once, that is how many Alfred Highland was reading. This did not exactly point to a great intelligence, more of a fear of commitment. A familiar strain that ran through his entire life. His mother chastised him on a weekly basis for being nearly 40 and unmarried. He took it in stride, […]

A More Complete Father

For the first 29 years of my life I had a picture of my father in my head. It was not a picture based on memories so much as stories told to me by my mother. That was all, I had one primary source. He died when I was three, and I remember that. Beyond […]

Nothing: An Interlude

The news coverage of the terrorist attacks on a hospital in downtown Fort Orange died out after a few months. No suspects were arrested, no groups came forward to claim the attack as their own. Interest eventually moved on to the latest Republican attack on the overly leftist President, a nipple slip at the Oscars […]